The cherry blossom viewing party with the Grain Importers Association

Opening remarks by Mr. Higuchi
Remarks by CG Furusawa
Consul General Furusawa and the Grain Importers Association, which consists of Japanese trading companies dealing with importing wheat to Japan, hosted the annual cherry blossom viewing party at the hotel Rose in downtown Portland on March 18th, 2016.
Mr. Higuchi, branch manager in Portland of Toyota Tsusho which is the chair company of the Grain Importers Association in Japan, opened the event.
After that, Consul General Furusawa gave remarks mentioning that he feels very happy to host this party every year for those connected with the important wheat trade and he hopes all of the participants will continue to work for the stable supply wheat to Japan. He then led the gathering in a toast.
Blessed with excellent weather, it was a good opportunity for people to exchange their views about the wheat trade while enjoying the cherry blossoms along the Willamette River.

Notes: This cherry blossom viewing party is held every year in commemoration of the approximately 90 cherry trees donated to the City of Portland and planted along the Willamette River by the Grain Importers Association of Japan in 1989.