Idaho Japan Day 2019 held and Consul General’s Commendation awarded to Ms. Torres

On Monday, 2nd, 2019, the 12th annual Japan Day was held in Boise Idaho. Within the event hall visitors were introduced to aspects of authentic Japanese culture such as Japanese drumming and Japanese string instruments Koto and Okinawa-Shamisen, traditional dance, and the Lion Dance. Outside the venue guests could enjoy workshops such as Origami and Japanese calligraphy.
At the Japan Day event, Consul General Takashi Teraoka awarded the Consul General’s Commendation to Ms. Rika Torres who is the immediate past president of the Idaho Japanese Association to recognize her efforts in building friendship between Idaho and Japan. She had contributed to establishing the Idaho Japanese Association and she served as president for many years.

A picture is displayed.

Japanese Calligraphy demonstration

(Left: Ms. Torres, Right: Consul General Teraoka)