[Press Release] The Foreign Minister’s Commendations in Honor of the 70th Anniversary of the End of World War II

On December 9th 2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced it will award the Foreign Minister’s Commendations in Honor of the 70th anniversary of the End of World War II to individuals and groups with outstanding achievements in the promotion of friendship between Japan and the United States.

The Commendations will be awarded to 28 individuals and 14 groups. Mr. Stephen D. Bloom, the CEO of the Portland Japanese Garden, and U.S. Wheat Associates are confirmed as being the recipients from our jurisdiction.

Mr. Stephen D. Bloom has served as CEO of the Portland Japanese Garden for over 10 years. During this term, the garden has significantly increased its number of visitors and improved its financial standing. In addition, Steve Bloom has played an important role in the expansion of the Portland Japanese Garden.

U.S. Wheat Associates will receive this Commendation in recognition of their service in reporting crop conditions and analysis of the U.S. wheat market to the Government of Japan, mass retailers, restaurants and food producers. Their work has enabled the safe and steady flow of grain from the U.S. to Japan over many years as well as providing opportunities for innovation and cooperation between U.S. wheat exporters and their Japanese partners.

The ceremonies for awarding these commendations will be held separately in Portland in the near future.