Greeting from Consul General Shiga


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Portland Consulate Office website and thank you for taking interest in our work.

Portland and this region – with its warm climate, lush environment, prosperous economy, and ease of livability – has attracted many people in recent years, including many Japanese people. Approximately 9,000 Japanese live in various parts of Oregon and southern Idaho, and there are more than 150 Japanese companies operating here. In addition, Oregon and Idaho are home to more than 20,000 Japanese Americans, and many Japanese-affiliated organizations are active here. This is an area with special ties to Japan.

In our jurisdiction our office looks out for the interests of Japanese citizens and provides various administrative services as stipulated by law. In addition, by supporting Japanese people and Japanese companies in their economic activities and providing information to US and third-country economic stakeholders who are interested in Japan, we work to maintain and develop sound and stable trade and investment relationships to the benefit of all. Beyond this, we aim to promote mutual understanding and friendly relations between the United States and Japan by supporting exchanges of people and culture.

Today, we enjoy deep bonds of friendship between our two countries and the Nikkei community in Oregon and Idaho, with its long and rich history, has played a significant role. Through their efforts, hardships and successes these forbearers laid the foundations for strong bilateral relations. We look to these people with respect and appreciation, and as we learn so much from them, we hope that the next generation will continue to develop this wonderful relationship.

To meet these objectives, everyone at the Consular Office will do our utmost to listen to the voices of people throughout the region and provide the best service possible. In addition, if there is an opportunity, we will visit as many places as we can to understand the interests and goals of everyone in our jurisdiction, collect information, and strive to provide better services. If you have any inquiries or questions, using the information on this website as a guide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

June 10th, 2020
Masaki Shiga
Consul General