Greetings from Consul General Yoshioka

Consul General Yoshioka
Hello everyone. My name is Yoshioka Yuzo. I just arrived in Portland on March 20 and It is my first time visiting Oregon.  In the past, Portland was chosen as the most livable city and the best city for bikers in the US. It is also known for delicious food and beautiful nature, including Mt. Hood, so it’s a very comfortable place to live. I am glad to be assigned here and I look forward to meeting and working with as many people as possible.
The Consular Office of Japan in Portland’s jurisdiction covers Oregon and the southern part of Idaho. The relations between Japan and this region began not long after Oregon and Idaho became official states. At that time, many Japanese people immigrated to this region and contributed greatly to the development of agriculture and the growth of cities.
Even after WWII, this region remained friendly to Japan and established sister city partnerships with many cities across Japan as well as creating a large Japanese garden in the West Hills of Portland. In recent years, economic ties between Japan and this area have strengthened as high-tech industry like semiconductors and the leisure industry of sports and outdoor goods have developed, attracting many Japanese companies to Oregon and Idaho. So much so that in 2021, Japan became the largest foreign investor for Oregon.  The Consular Office of Japan will do our utmost to continue to develop the bond between Japan and this region in all areas.

Consul General Yoshioka Yuzo
Consular Office of Japan in Portland
March 2023